Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Pico Rivera Special

Today in the Sherry household, we had a bit of a role reversal (for us).  Aaron went off to work and I stayed home.  Aaron just got an editing job . . . I can’t tell you what it is because even I don’t know.  He had to sign a super strict NDA, and he can’t tell me anything about it.  The only think I know is that he says he “can see why it’s so top secret” and it’s “super cool.” I can’t wait until whatever the show is becomes public knowledge so he can finally tell me about it!  Even though it’s Sunday, they called him in, and he’s all about taking any extra hours they can send his way . . . especially since he knows this job won’t last forever (once the show is finished, so is the job).  So anyway, I decided to be a super awesome wife and greet Aaron with a drink and have dinner (almost) ready by the time he got home.

Pico Rivera Special was a favorite in the Stevens household growing up.  Aaron loves this recipe so much that it is now a favorite in the Stevens-Sherry household too!  The story is that my grandfather came up with this recipe when he was living the bachelor life in Pico Rivera (hence the name).  I love this recipe because the ingredients are all things I almost always have on hand, which means that even when I haven’t been grocery shopping in a long time, I can still whip this together and make a fantastic meal!

You start by browning ground beef and adding onions.  

Then you add tomato sauce, corn, and chili pepper.  

Then you add noodles. And then you are done!

Simple, easy, family friendly recipe!
Here’s the cost breakdown:

Pico Rivera Special

6 oz noodles

1 lb ground beef

1 can tomato sauce

1 can corn

1 small onion

chili powder


6 servings =
per person

* A note on the breakdown: like I said, I already had all of these items in my pantry, so the costs are estimated – except the meat, which had the cost stamped on the front of the package that was in my freezer.  Also, I didn’t account for the salad that we ate, but I’m guessing it would add an extra 50 cents per person?  One of these days, I will write a blog about the other Stevens-Sherry family favorite: Chicken Caesar Salad.  And then I will do a full accounting of my salad costs.  :)


And for those who want the actual recipe, here it is:

Pico Rivera Special

-         1 lb ground beef
-         1 onion
-         1 can tomato sauce (8oz)
-         1 small can corn, drained
-         1 tbps chili powder
-         6 oz noodles (about half a bag) (preferably egg, penne, or bowtie)
-         Salt & pepper to taste

1.                  Brown meat & add chopped onion.  Heat until onions are soft.
2.                  Add dash of salt & pepper
3.                  Add tomato sauce, corn and chili power
4.                  Heat to bubbly and blended (~10 minutes)
5.                  Boil noodles (can be done while browning meat)
6.                  Drain and pour into pan with the other ingredients
7.                  Mix & heat for about 5 more minutes.


Jeff Stevens said...

This is indeed a Stevens family favorite. I used to make this in my apartment when I was an undergraduate at UCLA from a book of recipes my Dad made for me.

Grandpa Norm said...

I'm honored to have you feature my old recipe and I'm so glad that many people like it. I did a lot of experimenting with meals in Pico Rivera. This one was an attempt to recreate a dish my mother made called "Italian Delight".

Grandpa Norm