Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Guinness Beets

 Oh my goodness!  I feel like I am about to fall over, I am so exhausted from all the domesticity I put myself through today.  This morning I woke up around 7:30am, fed the cat, brought in the paper, and watered the lawn.  Then I clipped coupons while watching “Meet the Press” (one of my favorite Sunday activities).  By 9:30 am, I was out in the front yard pruning/weeding.  I wanted to try to get out there before it got too hot . . . which only lasted until about 11:30am, at which point, I was sweating through the baseball cap I was wearing (gross I know).  I will say this: I never want to let the plants on our side yard get that overgrown again!  My arms and legs have small cuts all over from the red grass bushes that attacked me as they apparently decided they didn’t want to be trimmed. 

After the sweltering yard work, I decided to seek some respite inside, and found that Aaron had woken up and was lounging on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal while watching a Star Trek movie.  I sat down to watch the end of it with him then we started watching “Mad Men” – I am completely enjoying that show!  I am absolutely in love with the wardrobe of Mrs. Don Draper.  I would want to wear every single one of her dresses.  It’s also really interesting to watch the role of women in the Mad Men era and see how far we’ve come.  I find it amusing that the housewives were taking pity on the one divorced woman on their street – her house was a mess, and she ate frozen food because she had to work and didn’t have time to cook or clean . . . yeah, when they showed her house, it looked a lot like mine, and I buy frozen meals for weekday lunches . . . because I don’t have time to cook or clean a lot of the time either.  Except on Sunday, which brings me to the food I made today.

This week, my CSA box from Farm Fresh to You came with beets (and a bunch of other locally grown organic yummyness as well).  

I will keep experimenting with beets until I find a recipe I truly love.  After asking around for beet recipes, I finally decided that I would do Sautéed Beets with Beer (aka Guinness Beets).  I mainly decided on that recipe because the only ingredient I had to purchase was Guinness and it looked pretty easy.  Turns out it tasted pretty good too!   

First I cut the greens off the beets and then boiled the beets.  While the beets were boiling, I sorted through the greens and picked out the ones that looked edible (many of them had wilted or looked like maybe a bug had dinner before the beets were picked at the farm).  The CSA box also came with chard, so I cut up the chard and added it to the beet greens.  The way the recipe is written, it seems like it wants you to boil the stout and make the sauce while the beets are boiling.  However, I would recommend waiting until after the beets are done boiling.  The reason is that the beer sauce reduces very quickly, and the beets take a while to finish boiling.  And then, once the beets are done boiling, they still need time to cool down so that you can rub the skins off.  To make up for this minor error, I ended up turning the sauce down to a simmer and supplementing more Guinness as it reduced.

Once the beets were done boiling and their skins were rubbed off, I put them in the pan with the sauce and let them simmer while I wilted the greens.  I used half the amount of butter the recipe calls for – both in the sauce and on the greens.  I think next time I will use even less butter on the greens . . . I prefer my veggies with as little grease as possible.  I also Foreman grilled some chicken breast and added spices to some leftover rice.

Et voila:


It turned out pretty darn tasty.  Even Aaron liked it, and he is definitely not a big beet fan.  In fact, he wasn’t quite sure what they were at first.  Since neither Aaron nor I are big Guinness fans, I also bought some cider and we made snake bites to go with our dinner (half Guinness, half cider).  We sat at the table and ate and talked . . . like grownups.  :)

We had some rice and beets leftover, but the greens and chicken were gobbled up.  I didn’t include the cost of the snake bite drinks, which would add another $1.66 per person.

Here’s the tally for what the meal cost:

Guinness Beets

1 Bunch Beets & Beet Greens


2 Tbs Butter

1/4 cup stout
(cost of one bottle in a six pack)
1 tbs balsamic vinegar

1 cup rice

1 boneless skinless chicken breast


2 servings =
per person

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